Pain Management


Pain Management

Pets living with pain stop participating in the activities that they enjoy. Making them more comfortable improves their life. We can help manage pain through a combination of medications, supplements, massage, and acupuncture. This can decrease side effects of medications and allow our pets to enjoy life again.


Therapeutic Laser uses light energy to stimulate tissues to help them to heal. Laser can be as effective at reducing inflammation as some medications.  Laser can also be used to increase blood flow to sore muscles.

Golden retriever relaxes while she receives laser treatment tof her elbow


Massage is another way to treat muscle soreness.  If your dog has an injured limb, he can develop muscle soreness because of his changed posture.  Massage increases blood flow to sore muscles, increases flexibility in stiff muscles, and can decrease swelling.

Mastiff relaxes while receiving a massage

Acupuncture / Dry Needling

Trigger points, or knots, develop in muscles due to overuse. This can lead to muscle stiffness, decreased range of motion, and pain.  Acupuncture, or dry needling, can restore flexibility and decrease pain.



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