Just for Fun: Photo Outtakes

Last week, I posted about normal gaits in dogs.  I needed some photos of dogs moving in the various gaits, so I decided to have Viva, my border collie mix, be a model.

I set up the camera to take a photo twice a second, put Viva on her leash, and started leading her back and forth at the appropriate pace.  Soon, however, Solo, my 15 year old Pekingese, became curious about what we were doing.

At first, he was content to follow behind us.




Soon, he figured out that all he had to do was stay still, and we would return to him.



Eventually, he got the zoomies and went off in search of the next adventure.




And Viva and I played fetch.






We had fun.  We got some exercise.  We got some fun photos (even if they weren’t the pictures we had originally planned).  All without leaving the yard.



  1. It’s good to let loose and just have some zoomie fun!

  2. There is so much you can do in your own yard. Many people don’t seem to know that. It isn’t enough to just let us dogs out there, we need some humans to motivate us as well. Thanks for joining FitDog Friday!

    • I agree! A lot of people keep their dogs in the yard and expect them to exercise just because they’re outside. It’s more fun for everyone when you get a chance to play together!

  3. Sometimes those ‘outtakes’ are the best photos! Thanks for joining the Hop.

    • I am really happy to have these pictures of my dogs playing and having fun. 🙂
      Thank you for hosting the hop!

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