See Spot Walk! Swim! Run! Play!

Whether your dog needs help with mobility as he ages or is recovering from injury or surgery, he can benefit from rehabilitation.

Veterinary Rehabilitation applies the principles of physical therapy to pets, using non-invasive techniques to improve mobility. By improving their strength and mobility, our pets are more comfortable and have better quality of life.


We can help your pet in the following ways:

Pain Management

Pets living with pain stop participating in the activities that they enjoy.  Making them more comfortable improves their life.  We can help manage pain through a combination of medications, supplements, massage, and acupuncture.  This can decrease side effects of medications and allow our pets to enjoy life again.

Improving Mobility

Some dogs become weak or paralyzed after surgery or due to injury.   Dogs with weakened muscles often benefit from exercise in the underwater treadmill. Hydrotherapy can improve the gait by providing a way for your dog to exercise without having to bear his full body weight. From there, we can teach you and your dog exercises that will continue to improve his mobility as he heals.  We can also guide you if a harness, brace, or cart is appropriate for your dog

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